About the Photographer

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About the Photographer:

Christopher Krause

Due to who I am as a person, it's not within my personality to talk about myself to any extent. 

What I CAN talk about is what photography means to me, why it is that I do what I do.  After ten years in the U.S. Army and world travel I found my own way of seeing things.  I look for the humanity, and the honesty in things.  Sure I can use editing software to make every picture look glossed over and perfect, but when we do that we lose the honesty in our work.  I want to embrace the beauty in imperfection.

This is why I chose the picture above to show you of me, it's not a perfect picture of me, it's not "pretty" the imperfections aren't removed, and i like the photograph all the better for it.  This is who I am, a slightly weathered man, with some greys, some pores and some experience.  Photography should reveal truths, not cover them up, the world is beautiful for it's imperfections, not despite them.

It's with this feeling in mind that view the world

With this view I try to use my vision to change the world around me, soon you will see a couple projects on this site or on linked sites, both are still mostly under wraps until a few administrative details are out of the way.  Imagine using your passion to change the world for another, even many more.  Soon we will all have the opportunity to do that and I urge other creators to reach out to help using their passion and vision to change the world. That having been said once i get the shop set up on this site, a percentage of ALL profits will be going to charities for local Chicago homeless shelters, and children's programs.


           -until the shop is set up I urge you to contact me for information about booking time, or buying prints



Christopher James Krause


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